About Us

Clear Kidneys™ is an all-natural herbal supplement produced and sold by Hot Sun Labs, LLC.  Hot Sun Labs was founded in 2012 in Newark, Delaware, is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of high quality nutraceutical supplements. We are very passionate about our products, because we have seen first-hand how they improve our customer’s lives.

Our mission:

  • To improve the health and well-being of our customers through all-natural, clinically proven supplements and education on healthy living;
  • To deliver the safest, highest quality products to our customers at the best value possible;
  • To conduct business in an ethical, fiscally responsible, and environmentally conscious manner.

Our vision:

  • Happy, healthy, smiling customers.

Our team members are real people, really!

Mark Pescatrice - Hotsunlabs founderMark Pescatrice, Founder and President
Mark, a lifetime kidney stone sufferer, founded Hot Sun Labs because he wanted to help others suffering from kidney stones.  He developed the world’s most effective and natural kidney stone relief, Clear Kidneys, based on his personal experiences with Phyllanthus niruri. He is somewhat obsessed with Phyllanthus niruri and believes it is the best discovery since Christopher Columbus discovered America.



Sintia StabelSintia, Sales, Marketing, and Fulfillment
Sintia is responsible for all of the marketing details and ads.  She also handles fulfillment and customer service, as well as maintaining vendor relationships. If you ordered from us, she probably shipped it. She enjoys her afternoon espresso, old kung-fu movies, and Jane Austen novels.



Tabita PanduroTaby, Back-office Operations
Taby is the Swiss Army knife of Hot Sun Labs. She keeps the website up and running, updates the website with cool new content, does research, and juggles about one hundred other tasks, all while standing on one foot. She loves England, food, and movies and she can’t function without her coffee.



Everyone else: Chris, Connie, Catherine, Shelden, Sue, Our Mailman, and more
Although we are a small manufacturer, we are tightly knit a group of people who are responsible for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing our products. From producing our extracts, to putting the labels on the bottles, everyone is dedicated to exceptional quality and service.  You can expect nothing but the best from us!